Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Enjoy... Loosing momentum on this blog which is my first... Would have liked a little more feedback... But kinda slow getting any responses on Facebook... Enjoy anyways

All photos ©2010 Anselmo S. Ortiz

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forced vs leisure hiking

Sixth sense! I was hiking heading uphill when something told me to turn around... I turned and saw nothing... Maybe about a second or two... I see the plants stir, Then out came this beautiful CAT... Bob we will call him/her... So I took a picture as fast as I could so not to loose the op... To my surprise the cat did not run off... Several pics later I decided to stomp my feet as to make it turn around for a face shot... Nothing! It kept on walking, not prancing or running just walking...This was one shot of the face of a Bobcat in the wild by JPL as seen Tru My Lens...

I see you...

See the bird?

Our moon with pits...


It is great when your trying to keep fit. Hiking is a nice way to accomplished this feat. Being outdoors in the sunshine meeting new people and dogs... Lots of dogs! I am missing the topic...

A forced hike keeps you focus on your heartbeats so you can maintain a steady heart rate... To keep that focus you sacrifice the air, the sky, the plants, the rocks, the person next to you if your hiking with a partner or pet and thats the worst thing you can do to your eyes... One more thing... Your rushing to finish on time!... Time wasted!

Hiking requires all your senses and sometimes a sixth sense...

The sixth sense is found during a leisure hike because your so tuned into your environment that your senses are elevated... Colors pop out, slight movements are noticed quickly, smells are more noticeable, sounds are much clearer, and and and it's more fun!!!! It's so much fun that time is at a lost... 3-4 hours later... All your senses are enriched and you just got a great workout with benefits...No pain the next day!... This is how Tru My Lens takes a stand on hiking.

All photos ©2010 Anselmo S. Ortiz

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nice trek

Upward we go with these unpredictable clouds.

Oaks reaching for the sky!

Embers @ the Downtown Art walk

Hey pooch...You ok...

A little night time picture of a little lake by Hyperian.

From start of the hike today, I felt the need for color...Real colors and shadows...I captured an abundance of color from Flowers, Butterflies and flowing water... Tru My Lens caught colors and shapes rather than the same frontal pose that you see in nature pictures that you see on Calendars and such... You get the rawness of what I see Tru My Lens so you can experience what is out there for you to see.

All photos ©2010 Anselmo S. Ortiz

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beauty is everywhere

When you look...Do you really see? Is it clear what you see? What do you do with what you had just seen? Well, I hope Tru My Lens will give you another perspective of the beauty that is hidden in plain sight...

All photos ©2010 Anselmo S. Ortiz

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hiking for beauty

Lady Bug on sunflower.

Finches in the shadows.

Another Lady Bug on a sunflower

Wild flower hidden under brush.

Going on a hike just for exercise is really a waste of time. if you don't enjoy the beauty that is all around you from the smallest living organism to the steadfast, immovable boulder why waste the trail with blurred visions...Natures canvas is full of wonders just waiting for the prying eye to see...Really! See it Tru My Lens...

All photos ©2010 Anselmo S. Ortiz