Sunday, February 24, 2013

Palm justice

Now I welcome you to my new series called "Palm Justice..." My efforts to show your world "Tru My Lens" has taking a turn from hiking to a close up of ordinary objects in our near or far distance and delivered into my palm...Flowers are my main closeup object for this post...We pass flowers and view them from afar, but why not stop and see them close up...I guess this is why I do these shots...I want to share with you what YOU miss as you go about your busy lives...But!...You need to slowdown sometimes and see them closely...The beauty will catch you off guard and maybe change your views of what nature has in store for you...Turn that leaf, smell the fragrance, check the colors....."Tru My Lens" Hopes that day is today, Enjoy!

All photos  ©2011 & ©2012 Anselmo S. Ortiz